Is your heart feeling heavy?

Uncategorized Jun 04, 2020

Is your heart feeling heavy right now?

I would love to share a perspective if your heart is feeling heavy. 

It's easy to wear the burdens of the world on our shoulders - and then we may turn to guilt or shame. Guilt that we're not doing enough and want to do more; shame because we feel that there is something wrong with us not being able to "fix this". 

There may even be an experience of feeling scared about the world that we're bringing our children up.

We may even feel like we don't understand the issues that are going on - and feel conflicted with it all. 

Whatever you're feeling - if it's in the realm of a heavy heart, here is my request.

Stop and take a deep breath. The burdens of the world are not yours to bear alone. I repeat, they are not yours to bear alone. And - you are not powerless in this situation. 

Here is my perspective, which I hope can provide a balm to your heart. 

I admit I don't know a lot about White Privilege or Supremecy, or the situation going on in the USA with racism. And yes, I do believe Black Lives Matter. I can't say that I understand the extent of what's going on - and I give myself grace

It doesn't mean I'm a terrible person. It doesn't mean that I am selfish or evil. And it doesn't mean I'm ignorant or turning a blind eye. I will get educated on it. 

And what does hit a nerve with me, is knowing that hurt people, hurt people. 

When I saw an image of the cop with his knee on another man's neck - that pierced my heart with sadness. All I could think was; "I wonder what his childhood was like? I wonder if he felt loved - seen, heard, understood?". Because no-one is born with that much anger and hatred that it consumes them to act from that place.

This inspires me. It inspires me to do better - it inspires me TO CHOOSE LOVE. ALWAYS.

This is how we shift from being powerless to stand in our power. 

We become "power-full" when we choose Love. We can transcend the grip of feeling powerless when we choose Love

When I witness the "hate" or the "injustice" in the world - I don't feel powerless. Instead, I feel a sense of empowerment that I, as a parent, have an opportunity to alter this trajectory in how I parent. It makes me more hungry to do better. It makes me feel empowered to heal my wounds - so they aren't carried through to the next generation.

Cops are meant to protect the citizens. He was acting out from a place of Fear. The anger within him consumed him. 

There is nothing wrong with feeling anger. However, when we're hurting and we make someone else responsible for that anger that is within - that's not on. As parents, we must help our children to navigate these emotions from a healthy state of heart and mind.

The perpetuation of acting from hurt, anger, pain and living from that place - ends with me. 

When we heal our hurt, we're not passing it onto our children.

When you heal your hurt - that's power. That's contributing to something bigger than yourself. 

Our children are going to be the ones that inherit this world of ours. They are the leaders of the next generation. We're either contributing to creating leaders led by Fear, which will continue to perpetuate what's going on in the world (using force, threat, violence, aggression, control, deception to lead); or leaders led by Love (compassion, kindness, understanding, respect, humility, acceptance, empathy to lead), which will create a brand new paradigm of living here on Earth.

So my dear one - if your heart is heavy because you feel at a loss and powerless on how to navigate these times -  firstly, give yourself some grace and breath. Centre yourself and connect within. 

And when you're ready...remember you've always had the power. And you are presented with an extraordinary opportunity of contributing to this world. You can leave a legacy. A powerful one. That legacy is in how you love yourself to heal yourself - and therefore, overflows into how you love your children.

Imagine a legacy that's centred on showing our children what it is to choose love. Be a demonstration on having the courage to heal that hurt. 

Mastering choosing love will create a powerful ripple effect more than you will ever realise.

In choosing love, it's choosing forgiveness, having compassion, choosing kindness, choosing patience, and giving yourself grace. It's choosing understanding, empathy, humility, acceptance, and honour for one another.

Love heals all and Love always has the answer. 

I invite you to make it a practice; 

Ask; "What would Love do? What would Love say?".

Sending lots of love, I honour you. I see you. You're not alone... and the shift in a brand new world that is centred on respect and love for one another starts in the home.

You have the power. You've always had the power.


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