When was the last time you connected to your dreams?

Uncategorized Feb 25, 2020

Hey beautiful soul!!!

Avery is about a month old, and I get out a big white piece of paper.

On it, I started writing all the things that were consuming my mind of what I wanted to "accomplish" during this time of being a new mum.

There were all these things that I "wanted" to do. These things were taking up space and taking me out of the present moment. It was old programming. An addiction to needing "to do" and "be busy" to feel some sense of worthiness.

I looked at the piece of paper - let out a sigh of relief, and I connected to that "girl" that kept thinking she wasn't enough. I reminded my inner-child - she is enough and right now, is the time for stillness and mental clarity. 

Each item on that piece of paper was something I thought "I needed to do" to "feel better about myself". I let the piece of paper go - and felt so liberated.

I recognised that there was a "gift" during this time of being a new parent.

The gift of stillness for mental clarity. The gift of stillness for deep thinking.

I remember the physical sensation in my body of feeling "awe".

"When was the last time I could slow down and start doing deep thinking about my life and what I want to create?".

The gift of "slowing" down and "embracing the stillness" allows something magical to emerge. We start hearing our hearts. We start honouring our soul. 

From that place of stillness, my "dreams" came through. 

I started writing a book on Motherhood which was how The Motherhood Mindset was born (the book is soon to be released and will share more about that soon!).

I started assessing and questioning things we would commit to as a family through the lens of; "What will make our family thrive?". This question continues to open up amazing possibilities - one of which is having John quit his job to be the full-time carer of Avery. It is a dream of mine to have a thriving family. 

Our children's biggest desire is to have their parents thriving.

To be a parent that is thriving is to be one that is in love with who you are, who you are becoming, and in love with your life. 

To be in love with who you are, who you are becoming, and in love with your life - is to live and be guided by your heart and soul.

And our heart and soul communicate to us through the power of Dreams. 

When we commit and honour our dreams, we are opening ourselves up to receive joy, wonder, and awe.

Think about a time you were doing something you love - What was your experience of yourself? What was your experience of life? And then how did you show up in life with this kind of energy? 

When parents are thriving - by showing up being in love with life - the beneficiaries are those around them. 

Our highest purpose is to be in love with our life. 

... So when was the last time you embraced this time of stillness and slowing down to do the deep thinking about what you want to create - and start listening to the whispers from your heart and soul?

I invite you to connect with you. I invite you to start listening to your heart.

Be open to receiving what it wants to share with you. 

I am so passionate about parents living their best lives and knowing that they are worthy of honouring their dreams - because it impacts how our children experience us. 

So why all this talk on dreams? A few months ago, a few of us came together to demystify how Dreams can be moved from "Thought" to "Reality". We came up with eight fundamental principles.

From there, we created a Dreams Matter Masterclass. I have the honour and privilege of facilitating Day 1 of the Masterclass and would love to extend and an invitation out to you. The only investment is your time, energy, and the willingness to listen to your heart.

You can register by visiting: www.dreamsmatter.co (Let them know "Yummii" referred you). The Masterclass started on February 25th however replays are available (it is in a private Facebook group).

Your dreams truly matter.

And if you're waiting for a sign or for permission to start getting clarity on your dream, this is it. 


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